Getting A Good Orgasm

I am not sure how many orgasms that I have had in my life, but recently I feel that my orgasms are beginning to trickle out a bit. They are not as strong as they used to be and I feel that they are more fleeting than strong and powerful. My younger sister has just […]

Cheap Escorts Love Orgasms

Achieving orgasm for many women is not that easy. It took me a while myself to be able to enjoy orgasms in different positions. The weird thing is that my new boyfriend has really got me wondering what is going on. Whenever I have sex with my boyfriend, I can only have an orgasm when […]

Stansted Escorts On Sexual Steam In Relationships

It is not easy, but with a bit of work you can stop the steam going out of your relationship, says Esma from Stansted escorts. I have been thinking about this a lot recently. My parents just had the 30th wedding anniversary and I am sure that they have always worked hard at their relationship. […]

Sex During Pregnancy: A Do Or A Don’T?

Sex is a healthy part of a loving relationship. It is okay for most women to have sex when they are pregnant because sex is safe during pregnancy. Some of the things you should know concerning sex during pregnancy: 1. You can have sex if only your pregnancy is healthy. You should utilize safe sex […]